We have been working on something new at dew lab and it will be our most exciting launch to date! 

We have come a long way since we first started in 2021. Starting as a small business during a pandemic has had its challenges (which you may have heard from other businesses too!). Supply chain, manufacturing, sourcing, finding the right partners to enable our business has been challenging. We had originally planned to launch with a particular "look" but weren't able to due to supply chain and logistical challenges. So we had to pivot quickly and adapt. 

But good things are worth the wait and we're super excited to share that we are so close to our initial vision and we want to share a little sneak peek.

Stickers by stickerdot 

This new aesthetic is part of our brand evolution. And along with it, our mission as a business. 

Read more about our original and evolved ethos here.