About Us

dew lab | heartworking skincare

Every dew lab product is lovingly formulated in and manufactured in our New Zealand HQ. 

Introducing Dew Lab, a vegan and cruelty-free certified beauty brand formulated and made in New Zealand with skin-loving superfoods and vitamins. 
Dew Lab is inspired by all things clean, green and fresh to deliver a nutrient dense dose of goodness to give your skin a healthy, dewy glow. Kinda like drinking a naturally power-packed smoothie for your skin!

We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint.

We do not use individual product cartons

We ship in FSC certified cardboard boxes and corrugated recycled cardboard that are 100% recyclable

Our glass jars and plastic pump bottles are 100% recyclable

We do not formulate with any microplastic beads or artificial components

Our printing partners are carbon neutral and FSC and PEFC certified (What does that mean? It just means that any paper they use comes from responsibly managed forestry schemes.)



We source our raw ingredients from New Zealand suppliers that have BioGro, NATRUE and/or similar certifications to ensure our ingredients start off clean in every sense of the word.