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Dew Lab Travel Bag

Dew Lab Travel Bag

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A sleek, minimal white travel bag that is easy to wipe down and is surprisingly spacious. Looks great with anything -- in your bright pink luggage or minimal jute carry-all.


Our "No" List

We do not formulate with these ingredients:

NO Palm/Mineral Oil

NO Sulphates

NO Synthetic Fragrances

NO Animal Derivatives

NO Phthalates

NO Parabens

NO Silicones


How to recycle


You can always repurpose our packaging for other things like turning our glass bottles into cute little flower pots or spray bottles into water sprays for your plants.



All our plastic packaging is kerbside recyclable. You can dispose of them in the plastics bin.


You can dispose of our glass bottles in the glass bin as these are recyclable.



Labels need to be removed and disposed of in the trash before glass/plastic packaging can be recycled.

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