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  • 100% New Zealand

    We are proudly New Zealand owned, operated and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • A small team

    We are a small but mighty husband and wife team. Wifey does the creative stuff, Hubby does the operational stuff. When you talk to us, it will be one of us on the other side!

  • Sustainability first

    Locally sourced ingredients. Sustainable manufacturing. Zero-waste refills. Carbon neutral shipping. Giving back through donations.

About Us

We’re not just a skincare brand, we’re creating a happy place for your skin.

Why dew lab?

Dewy skin describes skin that isn't oily or overly shiny and greasy. It's all about healthy-looking, glowing skin. We want to formulate products that help you achieve dewy skin hence the name dew lab.

Barrier-focused Beauty

At Dew Lab, we put your skin's barrier first. We formulate with skin soothing and hydration in mind above all else.

You'll find that our products often include skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Rice, Oatmeal, and Squalane.

Pure, active, superfood skincare.

Our mission is to create healthy, non-toxic skincare products that deliver results, not reactions. We do this by incorporating clinical actives and natural bio-active plant ingredients that complement each other into our formulations.  

We are founded on 3 core values: Inclusivity, Accessibility and Sustainability. 


We want to create a comfortable space for you no matter what your skin type or condition is. We do not believe in "good skin" or "bad skin", we want to help you achieve your happiest, healthiest skin. We want you to feel like you are welcome here.


Effective skin care can often be inaccessible. We want to change this. We aim to do this by being honest about our ingredients and pricing our products fairly. We won't be the cheapest (because good ingredients are worth the investment) but we also aim to price our products so that they are more accessible.


We are working towards a sustainable future with conscious and considered business, sourcing and packaging practices. We use organic and/or upcycled ingredients where possible and we since inception we have manufactured in New Zealand to reduce our carbon footprint.

As conscious consumers:

  • We source from exclusively eco-cert and biogro suppliers only.

  • We use organic and/or upcycled vegan ingredients.

  • We are toxin free = our banned ingredients list is longer than our product ingredients list.

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